Belize is a small country with great natural beauty. It is a jewel in the beautiful area of Central America and the Caribbean. Although small, Belize offers everyone in general investment opportunity. It is a country under construction, with many opportunities in various sectors of the economy.

Tourism, free zone (at the border and at the airport in Belize City), casinos, construction, beverage, food, banking “off -shore” and agriculture are among the sectors of the economy in which you can participate.


Statistical Data

  • Official Name: Belize
  • Languages: English (official), Spanish, Maya, garifuna, Creole (not official)
  • Capital: Belmopan (f. s. XVII)
  • Population: 408.487
  • Internet Penetration: 31.70%
  • Internet Users: 108,048
  • Internet Country Code: .bz
  • Ethnic Groups: Amerindian 23%, Whites 2.5%, Mestizos 40.7%, African descent 35%, Immigrants 0.1%
  • Total Area: 22,966 km2
  • Mobile Lines: 63%
  • Political Division: 6 districts
  • Currency: Belize Dollar
  • PIB per Capita (USD): $7,068.28

St. Johns Cathedral, Belize City

Major Cities

Great blue hole

Is the capital of Belize. Although it is the smallest capital in the American continent, it is the third largest city in Belize, behind Belize City and San Ignacio town. It is one of the newest capital cities of the world. Belmopan is located in the Midwest of the country, in the Cayo district, at an altitude of 76 meters above sea level.

Belize City
Is the largest city of the Central American nation Belize, and its former capital. It is also the capital of the Belize District. Belize City is the nation’s principal port and its financial and industrial hub. Several cruise ships drop off anchor outside the port and are tended by local citizens.
The city functioned as departmental head before the country´s independence, until the capital was transferred to Belmopan in 1970. It is estimated unofficially that the population of Belize City exceed 61,305 inhabitants. The city lies at the outlet the Belize River, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Orange Walk Town
Is the second largest town in the nation of Belize, and is the capital of the Orange Walk District. It has a population of approximately about 26,299, many of them of foreign origin, mostly from Central American nations and Mexico. The Spanish-speaking population is 72%. Orange Walk Town is located on the left bank of the New River, 66 miles (106 km) north of Belize City and 30 miles (50 km) south of Corozal Town.