MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean uses international proven methodologies, to measure the value of brands. The analysis models used have proven its utility and applicability in any category and context, achieving a higher quality of analysis. We analyze the value of brands based on the functional or emotional perceptions that consumers have about the same, allowing us to understand the consumer’s relationship with the brand from knowledge to bonding. The assessment tools we use allow us to compare brands across markets, which is why our clients generally evaluate several countries simultaneously.


For MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean the purpose to make a U&A is to obtain full knowledge of the use and consumption habits around a category and the role of brands in such behavior. Considering these aspects, we achieve a full optic of the category, the consumer/buyer and brand interaction, which is a source of insights useful in planning processes, opportunity or problem solving.


As the experts in brands, MERCAPLAN Central & Caribbean understands the role of pricing in both the marketing mix, and its impact on consumer decisions. Therefore, we have a diverse group of tools and analysis such as conjoint (that allows us to understand how consumers / clients react in different price scenarios), price sensibility, price perception, or price behavior comparison. These tools allow us to adapt to any given situation, using advanced analysis of price evaluation.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean applies segmentation models that go beyond classification aspects such as age, sex, region and socioeconomic status. We consider market behavior, perceptions, motivations, and consumer behavior. It deepens into consumer attitudes, psychographics, and other variables to establish clear differences between consumer groups and identify insights to design specific strategies.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean conducts corporate reputation studies that emerge from the need of our clients to evaluate and understand the image their company projects to the general public. Aspects such as general Company knowledge, image, social responsibility, cooperation in the economy of the countries, environmental responsibility are evaluated, among others; in order to analyze whether these have an active impact on product purchase. Additionally, it evaluates what attributes should be communicated to the clients according to the industry in which they operate and what points should be improved.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean this study helps measure the potential of new ideas / products / brands on the market. It allows clients to verify the need to make changes before moving on to other stages of development and helps them select the most promising concepts.
MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean has a standardized methodology for concept and product testing following a complete line of questions that are then compared to standards in order to generate better final recommendations.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean has specific solutions to measure brand advertising concepts. We get firsthand consumer reaction to these new concepts and creative ideas, looking for the possible impact, involvement and message resonance with consumers.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean this study is used to evaluate campaigns / advertisements before their release. We have internationally proven solutions for pre-testing in TV, print, radio, and non-traditional media. Our database has norms per country and per category to which we can compare results. This allows to clearly conclude when evaluating an advertising piece in terms of attention, branding, communication, and persuasion.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean this study is used to evaluate campaigns / commercials after launch to understand the impact of advertising on the basis of recognition, branding, communication and persuasion. Post-testing evaluation can be done for television commercials, print, radio, non-traditional and digital media. Their databases have norms per country and category against which we can compare the results. This allows you to clearly conclude on the effectiveness of advertising and its ROI.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean has tools that help clients and media agencies develop a more efficient media strategy by identifying moments / touch points ideal for the brand that occur where / when the target audience is in the right mood for brand interaction.

Media Effectiveness

MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean has tools to measure the impact of communication campaigns in multiple media based on key indicators of brand. These tools help to answer: • How did the campaign perform at a general level? • What role did each channel/media play? • How did the various channels/media worked out together? • How profitable is each channel/media? • How can I improve media mix in the future? This allows us to provide actionable insights to help improve media planning.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean has the technical capacity and expertise to implement online studies in Latin America offering specific methodologies to suit local market conditions and the profile of their digital consumers. It has a set of solutions for the evaluation of the effectiveness of digital advertising through measuring the effects of digital activities in all online formats, micro -sites, web and mobile applications, social networks, games, search and much more.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean this study allows the monitoring of marketing activities of both, their brands and competition, based on knowledge, incidence of purchase, and product usage in addition to advertising recall. Also, you can incorporate metrics to measure the acceptance of a product after launch or re- launch and consumer’s reaction. The studies are usually continuous to gather information on a weekly basis, although in some cases fieldwork can be done in a given time according to the client’s objectives.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean these tests are based on the continuous checking or verification of the products available at home. This tool has the purpose of providing information to plan, implement and monitor marketing decisions. This study can run continuously or for a period of time.


In MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean, this study helps clients determine the level of satisfaction of their internal and external clients. In a market where it is highly difficult to differentiate from the competition, it is the customers’ experience and their satisfaction with the service what makes the difference. We identify and quantify the current situation in terms of customer satisfaction levels, consolidating it in a measure that allows us to determine with time, if the ability to satisfy the customers is improving or not.


MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean does not publish its public opinion polls, political surveys or vote intention. However, it performs a variety of these surveys for government agencies, political parties, NGOs, trade, and economic groups. It also supports specialized political consultants with information that enables them to create better strategies for their clients.


Qualitative research in MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean is conducted through different techniques such as focus groups, mini groups, triads, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, participant observations, case studies, and through digital platforms. These studies allow us to discover, understand, and comprehend the different product categories, services, and brands in the market from a consumer’s perspective. Moreover, it allows to explore associations, feelings, emotions, perceptions, motivations, fears, and tensions toward the market and the brands.


Neuroscience tools can track eye movement and quantify the intuitive and facial reactions before stimuli. All our quantitative and qualitative offers can be complemented with our neuroscience tools. This opens the door to a richer understanding of consumer responses to advertising campaigns, concepts/ideas and a better understanding for clients on how to optimize their communication to generate perceptions and actions that make their brand grow.

MERCAPLAN Central America & Caribbean’s solutions and tools provide insights oriented to understand the market situation, brand performance, creative – media effectiveness and success of the brand´s strategy.