09 Trained as a communicator, and with experience in marketing departments and advertising agencies, Jorge integrates creativity, communication and market research to provide suitable solutions to the needs of our clients.

In the quantitative field, Jorge has designed and executed multiple brand health and advertising evaluation studies in the categories of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, home and personal care, education, pharmaceutical products and retail. In the qualitative realm, Jorge has experience moderating focus groups, conducting in-depth interviews, observations, home visits for transnational companies in a wide range of categories.

Jorge currently leads the Search & Social Listening unit for Central America and the Caribbean, helping our clients discover insights, strengthen digital communities and guide their market efforts through multiple channels. He has a degree in Advertising with an Emphasis in Multimedia Production from the Latin American University of Science and Technology, ULACIT, and has a Master’s Certificate in Music Production and Technology from Berklee College of Music.

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